warning: this is a rant. it's long winded

I got a comment on my blog today in regards to the post I did on the two web-based bills that are scheduled to be voted on in a matter if days (3 days to be exact). The commenter, Miss Makay (love ya girl!), was aware of what the bills entailed. And yet, she was infuriated by the number of people coming together, up-in-arms about their personal "online" social liberties being taken away from them, in contrast to the startlingly low number who come together to protest against the genocide of thousands of unborn infants across the world.

This is what she wrote:
I know the people of America need to take a stand against these bills, and I have already signed a boatload of petitions... however- the uprising about these bills infuriates me. More people have been shaken by this bill than the bill legalizing murder in all 50 states... millions of babies are just being slaughtered through a genocide behind sterile doors- and more people care about SOPA and PIPA infringing their rights! What about the rights of the silent? Or the helpless? Argh. Makes me angry. -Ky 
I have to say that I agree with her. Until she raised this concern, I was unaware of just how many people were in an uproar over these bills. Granted they are an intrusion to our rights as individuals, but there is a difference between the importance of these bills and the bills that infringe upon the rights of unborn babies, and the elderly. 

Why is it that the bills that pertain to internet are more important than the bills that allow the right to kill to become law? Come on! Yes, the fight against these bills are very crucial. But it seems to me that the Internet takes more precedence over the life of humans. Pinterest, Wehearit, all those other interactive sharing sites are a great way to captivate bloggers and create couch potatoes out of others. Yet, none of this matters if you think about it. So what if they end up being blocked? More time for doing important things with the family, duh. Yeah, I use these tools, but I don't consider them a critical part of my life. However, for my blog to succumb to this, that would bother me. Yet there is an emotional aspect to losing a life that doesn't even enter the back of my mind with the threat of losing my blog because of a link infringement. 

A link infringement. Great! I probably have a gazillion of those. I can deal with that. Infringing upon human rights by taking matters in to our own hands, deciding whether or not they're going to live is a whole other issue and that needs to be taken a heck of a lot more seriously that these web-based bills. 

I know I am probably hitting this issue hard, and a lot of you are probably shaking your heads right now in disagreement. "I don't condone abortion, but these bills are important, too!" I hear you, and I agree. But life and the Internet are two very different things, and quite frankly, human life wins out over these bills that are about to pass through congress. Not saying they aren't important, they're just not something that I'm going to get irate about. I posted about it. I was angry; the more I thought about Makay's comment, the brighter my perspective became. I had to decide which was more important--waste me energy fighting bills that pertain to the Internet, or save it and fight for those fighting a losing battle every second?

You all have your own opinions on this. That's great! However, do not care to hear them if you decide you are going to bash me about my stand on this. I may seem like I am completely contradicting myself when comparing this post to the last post, but I would like to point out that I am a person who is for God-given rights regardless of what part of those rights are being infringed upon. I would speak out about issues that bash our human rights regardless. If I believe in something I am going to speak up; and if I decide to change my mind...I will. Life is more important to me than this internet thing. If you don't agree, that's fine. 


  1. The 39th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade is this Sunday, so abortion should be getting a little more attention than usual over the next few days! It's an issue that breaks my heart and makes me furious all at once, and one that Christians need to seriously take a stand against (rather than just knowing that it's wrong). Abortion is our modern day Holocaust.

    I've got a post going up about it Sunday...I highly recommend the website Abort73.com- it's very informative and full of resources. Thanks for this post. :)


    1. Abort73.com is one of the best sites I have ever used to bring attention to the montrocity.

  2. I completely agree. This bill with the internet stuff is important. but Human life wins over this. It makes me sick how many babies are killed on a daily basis without even the thought that they're a LIFE. It's wrong on so many levels.
    I'm proud that Texas (other states too maybe, I don't know) is at least enforcing women to have a sonogram before they can go through with the abortion. It's not as good as it should be. But it's something. I pray for more in the future. I pray for an uprising like there is with this bill.

    Love always,

    -Alana <3

  3. AMEN.
    Thanks for posting this, and bringing up what I said! I hope more take a stand for the silent infants, the ones who cannot speak up for themselves.
    Thank you for this rant. Thank you for shining the spotlight on an issue that gets pushed into the shadows relentlessly. It's about time.
    Let's fight for the unheard.


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