1 thousand gifts

This year equals blessings in disguise oozing a fresh, pungent fragrance. This year, the pasts will be buried in the past, and futures will be allowed to flourish. This year trials and tribulations will try to weaken my faith. This year, faith, hope, and love will be lessons learned and blessings gained. This year, I will take life one step at a time. This year, my word is JOY-I will find joy in all aspects of my life. And this year, God's essence will flow through me as I learn to be the captivating woman he designed me to be!

Blessings are around us. And if we stop and look closely, we will find more to be thankful for than just the average ordinary things we're used to being thankful for. These new blessings we become aware of throughout the year of 2012 may not be extraordinary, but they will be lovely little gifts from God-those little things that make life sweet. 

Inspired by Elizabeth Rose's post, I have decided to take the Joy Dare in 2012. Battling an eating disorder-and straddling the fence between life and death-has opened my eyes (and made me extremely aware) to the little blessings that I have never stopped to notice, and have regretfully taken for granted. In my daily life discontent is a deeply rooting seed that needs to be cut out at the source before it can grow into a tree. I have found this one thousand gifts to be a captivating way for me to do just that.

Mrs. Voskamp over at A Holy Experience has challenged all of us to record 1000 gifts or blessings in 365 days. That's only three blessings a day! Simply, right? I'll be recording them in a daily post, as well as on a page in my navigation bar, which will be updated every day as I add new things to the list. 

As Elizabeth Rose stated at the end of her post, "This is not something for the faint of heart. This is for those of you who want to live wholly, intentionally, and God-centered. So will you take up the Joy Dare with me and dare to find 1000 blessings in twenty twelve?" (Living On literary Lane)


  1. Thanks so much for posting about this! I read the 1000 gifts book about a month or two ago, and I started my own list. I haven't got very far with it, though. Now I think I'll add this to my resolutions list and record three gifts a day. :)



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