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I love scarves. But I hate wearing them. I think they're so cute and warm looking. :D

ScarvesIn the bazaar of a distant country, you can try on a scarf and consider yourself in a handmirror. What is as easy and agreeable, far from home, as a silk square printed with hounds and birds and seated people? Walking along, thinking of the color of it tucked in your bag, is like remembering the Hindi word for “dog” just when you need it.  Wearing a scarf is another matter. One feels self-conscious as an oil painting bought to match upholstery.  At the accessories counters of department stores, scarves mass like drunk slatterns. One of them learns the color of your suit and offers a perfunctory comment on it, or “picks up,” as they say, like a pup picks up fleas, the color of your eyes.  Don’t hate yourself for being easily flattered. Think of French starlets, their heads wrapped carefully as loaves. Pretend they’re in your closet and not driving off in cream-colored convertibles.                                                           by Joy Katz


  1. Like this! :) Also wanted to let you know that I launched my first ever giveaway! Check it out if you'd like.Some handmade by myself.

  2. Yeah, I like scarves, but I don't think I know how to wear them the right way. The accessory ones I mean. I like the ones that are actually used for keeping you warm. Though I don;t wear either kind very often. Nice post Emily! :)


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