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Since my photography excursion in my photography class, I learned how to make Cyanotypes (aka: sun prints)--a process used in photography that uses the sun to expose the image.

I personally enjoyed the Cyanotype process of photography more than I did the actual digital photo process (i.e. taking the photos, manipulating them in Photoshop, editing, etc.). It was relaxing, and a good excuse to get a sun tan!

I was able to make a book out of my Cyanotypes in class during the Fall 2011 semester. It was absolutely my favorite assignment! I loved the mixing of the chemicals; the painting of the mixed chemicals onto the heavy duty watercolor paper; the process of letting the painted chemicals dry in complete darkness (if you let the sun hit the chemical-paper, then it'll turn colors before you're ready!); and also the process of making a darling print out of the very objects provided by nature.

In the process of finding a place that would carry the two chemicals I need in order to make my own at home, I ran across already coated papers (aka: sun print paper). It's easy and mess free. I thought that since I found the sites for these pre-coated papers, I'd give you all the links to check them out as well. Maybe it might be something you'd like to start as a hobby. (Just a suggestion. I am in love with this form of photography!).

You can get kits for sun prints on Amazon, and possibly eBay; however I found some inexpensive kits, and packages of 10-30 sheets of paper at these sites:

  1. Sunprints
  2. Natureprint Paper
  3. Creative Kid Stuff
Happy Cyanotyping! I can't wait to try these pre-coated papers out and see if they match up to the real thing.

Wishing you wet noses, cozy bubble baths, and sloppy puppy kisses!


  1. Cool, that sounds really fun! I'll check out those sites, thanks! :)

  2. Haha, totally agree with your comment on my blog. :)
    And this is so cool! That photo is adorable! I've heard of sun prints before and thought it was incredibly cool.



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