I am a daydreamer with a flair for the literary dramatics. 
Me and almond milk are best buds, especially on rainy day.
And dried apples are my solution to those afternoon munchies! 
I am gluten and dairy intolerant, battling Bulimia, and striving to follow my sweet Jesus.
My story of being a Bulimic, I hope, will inspire others to get on the path to better health.
And to get reconnected with Jesus Christ-the Great Physician.
I can solve only the beginner Sudoku puzzles, have no patience for word puzzles, and laugh at the silliest jokes. 
I strive to be as crafty as Martha Stewart someday. As exquisite a photographer as Dorothea Lang.
And as good a writer as Natalie Lloyd.
I am a bubble gum chewer, a beginner crocheter, and love to suck on straws!
Collector of all things magnetic, thumb tacks, and sticky-notes, and binder clips. 
I am a softy when it comes to candles, they smell dreamy, and the smell of fresh baked bread makes my mouth water.
The thought of road trips with my favorite people makes me smile, and I dream about seeing the world one day.


  1. Well.
    I like you.
    No... wait... I love you Em. :)
    Cute composition about yourself.


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