dream room

I have a dream room. 
Bold patterns.
 Light colored wood floors.
Sky lights to add a flood of sun into my room!
Windows that stretch from wall-to-wall.
Bookshelves on all walls.
A comfy seat by the window, overlooking the vast expanse of God's creation.
(Good place to study...) 
More windows? Yes!
And stairs to my loft...
With a slide to go down if I don't want to take the stairs.
(Hope I don't get a splinter in my bottom!)
And serenity.
Serene colors are good, but I'd like some pop of vivid color somewhere.
I do like the white, though.
And the windows. Again.
It looks so comfy! I want to jump in the bed right now.
(Better yet, I want to ride a wild mustang with William Wallace [aka: Mel Gibson!]*wink*)

Wishing you hugs, kisses, and kitten whiskers!


  1. Love the pictures! Especially the stairs with the slide! I want that in my dream house! :) Lovely post Emily!

  2. I WAS SIGHING WITH YEARNING AND DELIGHT ALL THROUGH THIS POST!!! ABsolutely divine....I want all those things too! I never thought of sky view windows but that'd be awesome! Slide too! :)

  3. Pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stair slide, a library with a outdor lookout,a loft room, what could be better then that? I'd have all of that in my house with one of those one seat cushion that have windows, and show up on the outside. Great plan!


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