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I spend a lot of time in the bathroom. Not actually in front of the mirror-I actually hate looking at myself-, but to take hot showers and bubble baths. You know; the good, relaxing, end-of-the-day-get-all-the-dirt-and-grim-off-of-me meditation stuff every girl loves! 
I don't often soak in the tub. The water becomes lukewarm too fast for me. So when I do "soak" I usually wish I could read, or write while in the tub. It's a messy, disturbing thought for a writer/book carnosaur. The book could get wet, become unreadable. The pages of text that has been thoughtfully prepared may be lost forever. Which is why a cute, rustic tub table is a must in my dream bathroom.
I am a floral girl. I also like lots of color. So this soft, yet bright spring green is a perfect color for a tranquil, but vibrant bathroom. And the wall art is definitely a plus; I love nature prints. 
A nifty organization idea? I think so! It's an old tool box converted into a towel/bath soap/spa organizer that frees up counter and cabinet space. It's also a cool way to decorate the walls. Love the blue and green color combo.
What a cute way to reuse old faucet nobs. It makes the rustic, refurbished wood look awesome, and somewhat more modernized with it's sleek, white design. I love how it's a combination of storage and decor. Smart!
If there is only one thing you take away from this post, it's that I love bold patterns and colors. Black isn't my favorite color, but paired with the pure, sweet, freshness of the color white and cream, I think I can handle it. Both patterns on these soap dishes are intriguing. I want them so bad!
I actually have another sink down below. I posted this one to show off the beautiful tile. This bathroom is so sweet and simple. However, it's a little to french countryside to me.
I had to laugh at this one. Not because it was silly, but because I never thought about using these shoe mold as towel hangers. Nifty! 

Tada. The queen of the bathroom-the tub. Isn't it a spectacular piece? If only in my dream bathroom, I so wish I could soak my tired feet in this tub. it's epic. (This is the overall look and feel I want for my dream bathroom. White, fresh; some bold patterns and colors as accents throughout. A rustic spa retreat.)
Look past everything else and direct your eyes to the sink. Can you guess what the sink stand was make out of? Yep. An old table! I love how people take something old and turn it into a piece that is still useful, but has a whole new life and purpose. 
Now, I know I have a tub, but it doesn't have a shower! Ideally, I'd like a shower/tub all-in-one, but sometimes it's impossible to get everything one wants. (I couldn't find pictures of tubs and showers together.) So I decided to go with this shower. I like the look. It still goes well with the rustic feel I want to go for. Do you see the jets on this thing?!!!


  1. Lovely bathroom pieces and decorations! Your future bathroom sounds like it's going to be such a relaxing place! :) And love that tub table!

  2. Thats a nifty post! It really sweet to think the future, especially for rooms. :) =^..^=


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