My cat plays with my toes as I attempt to get out of the bed.
But it's cold and the sheets are warm.
My mom's at my door singing to me a song,
One that's annoying and sounds like an out-of-beat gong.
"Get out of bed Sleepy Head!" she says, not meaning any harm.

When I get up and get dressed, I stop to pray
To God for giving me another day;
To stand at my bed and say:
I thank you for the beauty in the trees,
And all that my eyes can see.
The colorful leaves, bright orange, yellow, and red.
The way the sun makes them sparkle,
Makes me wish the sun never had to go to bed.

After breakfast and a glass of milk,
I slip into fleece socks that feel like silk.
I pull on my shoes, and slip on my coat.
Grabbing my camera and keys, I head out for a ride.
My mission is to take pictures, and not to get a sore throat!

I hit the winding road caring little of where it’ll take me;
Hoping to get good shots of the beautiful scenery.
I’ve got the heater on in the car, and the windows are getting foggy.
Right now I could use a good hot bowl of beans and barley.
As I drive, I can’t believe my eyes!
The storm that had hit last night,
Has left a colorful rainbow delight.

I hope when I get hope mommy will have made Apple Dumplings.
Those delicious pockets of sweet fruit and syrupy butter,
Oh the feeling that is brings!
I mustn’t be distracted by the chilling feeling that I’ve got.
I must continue, until my mom calls and tells me to stop.
I will continue driving about and taking pictures,
 Because soon, this vivid picture of striking fall colors will bid me adieu.
And will bring along with it the need for snowshoes.

Upon my journey home, about to put my camera up, 
I spot a fallen leaf that had not been there at sunup.
It was of a beautiful golden tone.
And it sparkled at the fading sun shown
Through the trees and onto my cheekbone.
The leaf stuck out on its own, as if to say its last good-byes.
“I will be back next year” it seemed to say in a hushed, relaxed tone.
And so I left to go inside, leaving the peaceful, last leaf of fall all alone.

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  1. Nice to see your old header design again! :) Beautiful poem Emily and lovely pictures!


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