thankful thoughts

Listening To: Happy Holidays-Bing Crosby
Quote: "Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending."-Author Unknown

I am sitting here on the center cushion of my couch, cuddled in the midst of seven Christmas pillows, under a chocolate brown fleece blanket, watching Criminal Minds, pondering all that has happened this past week. Since my phone call from my doctor about my potassium levels, I have been back once already. This was to check my potassium levels again after downing a gargantuan amount of Orange Juice. I feel like I am swimming up to my eyeballs in that orange liquid. 

Yesterday, I went to get an ultra-sound of my Thyroid. They said it was enlarged. And so, I now have to go to another doctor to have him get a closer look at it to make sure it's nothing serious. My main doctor thinks I may have Grave's Disease and Hypothyroidism. Also, I have another appointment on Monday for another blood test. {I'm going to be a pickled prune when all is said-and-done!}. 

It's all exhausting, and from time-to-time I do notice a difference. I feel better. However, when I do throw up it starts that vicious cycle all over again, making me feel guilty, ashamed, and cruddy. I pray that we're on the right track in perusing a course of action fro treatment and counseling. Mom has called a few local counselors dealing specifically in ED, but none have called back yet. I really hope they do soon!

Through all this God has been good to me. I cannot begin to clasp my mind around His purpose for all of this, or who He's teaching through these struggles. But whatever God is doing in my life, and using my to affect other's lives, I hope His blessings ooze forth with exuberance. 

"From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another."-John 1:1


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