God's answers are mightier than our prayers.

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Yesterday I had a frightful scare. On Wednesday my mom took me to the Doctors to get a physical so that we could see what-if any- damage has been done to my body via Bulimia. The visit was really short and semi-sweet (minus all the questions in regards to when, how, and why this whole struggle with food began). The doctor ordered a full blood test, focusing primarily on my sugar levels, testing for Celiac Disease, and my Thyroid (which is swollen). 

Around 9:30AM yesterday morning my Doctor called the house and told my mom-in a very urgent manner-that my potassium levels were dangerously low, and that I needed to either head straight to the ER or drink an 8oz glass of orange juice every hour until Monday. The ER didn't sound all that fun, especially on a holiday, so I opted to swim in a lake of O.J. 

I didn't realize how cruddy I was feeling until I began to drink my fourth and fifth glass. My skin color had already changed drastically from a grievous blue-gray hue to a more pink-white. Everything around me seemed-as it does even now-brighter and more clear. 

Scary. The thought of me being so close to having something serious go wrong with me was too close for comfort. And I thank God that this was brought to my attention now, rather than later. And I also thank you all for your prayers, because without them, I may not have found out as soon as I did. Bless you! God's answers are mightier than our prayers. 


  1. My mom actually suffers from a potassium deficiency. A year or so ago she actually started having heart palpitations because of it, and her and I were the only one's home when we had to call an ambulance. It was extremely scary so I can definitely empathize! If you would like a good list of other potassium foods I could post one! :) Eating something potassium rich is actually better than vitamins for potassium which usually cause other problems.

    blessings and prayers


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