I am God by Emily Kirk

I have no experience in poetry. In fact, this is my very first one. Ever! And, alas, I am not very attuned to the rules of poetry like I am when writing prose. Thus, I would love critique and pointers! Thanks. 
The Creator of the universe;
The giver of life.
The Alfa and Omega;
The beginning and the end.
I am your Lord, God Almighty…
Who needs you to have faith in Me,
And acknowledge in your heart that I am your Lord and Savior.
Who loves the lost, the broken, the weary, and the oppressed.
Who sees you as a new creation blessed and redeemed.
Who hates a haughty look, a deceitful tongue, and a perverse heart.
Who fears nothing, but is a very jealous God; I will not share you with false Gods.
I love you and you are mine.
I am your God
Who dreams of an intimate relationship with you, to fulfill your wildest dreams,
And to give you grace, peace and joy in all situations.
Who has found poems of My love and favor towards you in Psalms.
Who has this to say: Faith plus nothing else equals salvation.


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