This love is why we were made.

Been a while, huh? Sorry for leaving you all hanging, wondering where the heck I've disappeared to. 0_o

I haven't gone anywhere, actually. Tumbler has become my latest obsession. But, I will not leave you all. Promise. I haven't posted much here because I have been spiritually under the weather and thought it best that I stop blogging for a while until the fog lifts. 

I didn't want to post anything out of the fear that I would not be effective for Christ in my state of weakness. my weakness. God uses weakness to lead the strong, right. Well, this sort of weakness wouldn't have moved a two ton boulder. I was so stuck in the mud. 

Today I am back. Bright and fresh with a new energy and purpose.  Yay!

Nothing can take his love from us. I can say that of no other love. God pursues us, courts us, and woos us to remind us. His love changes every day; it either intensifies or my understanding of it grows. His love is all we have ever dreamed of. And his kiss, the most passionate we will ever know. This love is why we were made.~ Nicole Johnson


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