Up, up and away!

Listening to: Crazy Dreams-Patsy Cline
Cool word: Hemidemisemiquaver

I'm taking off. Flying away to a hideaway where I can relax. A place of refuge, tranquility and zen.

I need a break badly from blogger.

Although have so many thoughts and words swarming in my head, I'm feeling bogged down and stressed about my inability to clearly transform these thoughts into words, and these words into vivacious sentences.

So to fill the time I spend blogging for you all, I think a nice cup of cold, sweet Iced Tea is in order.

While I'm at it, I think I'll accompany that Iced Tea with a few moments of evening solitude outside getting personal with the Lord, journaling down my revelations and inspirations, and listening to the whimsical chirping of the Tree Frogs in the creek.

Until I reappear my dearest lovelies, I bid you all a sweet adieu.


  1. Good bye for now Emily! I hope you have a lovely break! Come back soon! I'll miss your sweet and thoughtful posts! :)

  2. Beautiful picture. Where do you find them all? Have a lovely break, shall miss your posts!:)


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