Thor: The Movie

Holy Cow! This movie was amazing. I have grown up reading comics and watching cartoons about this guy since I was, well, able to read! I always thought this Norse God-who was always a folklore and never real-was extremely cool. In some ways I was more fascinated with THOR than I was with Superman and Batman. Maybe it was the blond hair, or maybe it was that giant hammer.

I am a girl who finds enjoyment in reading about Greek, Ancient Egypt and Norse mythology. It interests me-learning about the different religious beliefs-regardless of how silly it is to believe in a castle in the clouds inhabited by a bazillion gods with different powers and shinny armor. And just like any fictional character who's legend proceeds himself (i.e., Superman, Green Lantern, and Captain America), Thor caught my eye (hey, Chris Hemsworth is not a bad looking guy!) and sparked a deeper investigation into this fascinating tale of old. 

Thor is a Norse God. Not a Greek God. Funny, but some actually believe he's Greek! Oh, silly people! In this action packed movie, Chris Hemsworth plays this jaw-dropping Norse god of Thunder. Hehe, his blue eyes of his are electric and memorizing. Of course, you know this already: the movie is based off of the comic series, which was taken from the Norse legends about their gods and stuff.

Anyhow, like I said, this movie was AMAZING! It hit the nail on the head and did justice to the god of Thunder. Not to mention they picked a very nice guy to play this god. ;)

Natalie played a stunning scientist. She mastered each line perfectly and was so convincing!
We've got one powerful woman here folks. She was a masterful actress and did a spectacular job.
Ha! The whole time I was wondering who he was. It didn't hit me until after that he was Anthony Hopkins. He was pretty cool. But, he could have done better.
Dude! This guy portrayed his character exceedingly well. He went so far as to outdo himself. Very convincing.
Oh me, oh my! Intoxicating. He was adorable. His eyes were captivating. And he made a knock-out THOR!


  1. AHHH!!! I LOVE this movie!! =) very nice post! I agree with you on everything. Yes, Chris isn't too shabby on the eyes ;)

    i miss you friend!

    much love♥♥

  2. loved how you express your excitement for the movie.yes, watched the movie and loved it. XD

  3. I haven't seen this movie yet, but I did just go see Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides!! :D OMGosh!! That movies was AWESOME! I'm planning on going to see the premier of Super 8 this Friday with some friends, which I have been DYING to see since the commercials first came out! :D

    THOR looks like an awesome movie, and all my friends that have seen it LOVE it, so I may just have to go watch it for myself. ;)



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