modesty 101; vol. 3: tops

Immodest tops are not the way to go this summer! Hello, lets be real here, the less you wear doesn't necessarily mean you are going to be any cooler than if you were covered up! Let's be more conscious of how we  'choose to wear less' without looking cheap and immodest. It's everywhere, this fetish for flamboyant, flashy, flyway, and sometimes, if not all the time, showy tops: t-shirts, tank-tops, shirts-whatever you want to call them-are that sort of clothing item we wear all the time. We don't normally think about shirts, especially T-shirts as being a modesty problem. But, they can be, that is, if you're not careful. 

I wear shirts like the rest of you. I wouldn't be caught dead leaving the home without one on. Although, I know a few who could care less whether they were wearing one at all. Gross! I do stress modesty in all aspects of fashion (shoes and socks excluded). Quite honestly, I am even an advocate on modest lounge wear and undergarments. Nothing more disgusting than scanty panties and slutty nightgowns. Tisk-tisk.

But, we'll go over that another time. Since I did a segment on short-shorts last week, I am going to take a peek at the world of tops (big, little, tight, loose, etc.). I wonder what we'll find. I'm curious as to what types of tops will be relevant to this modesty movement. Hmmm...sprightly modest or hopelessly slutty. 

Either choice is up to you. For me, I'd much rather be sprightly modest-covered up, but still looking my best! Now let's see what I can dig up and nit-pick the styles.

Oh dear me! This is a perfect example of "showing too much". The sheer tops are elegant and cute, but too see-through. Wow...not impressed. And to think some actually wear these without t-shirts or camisoles underneath. The horror! Lord, I hope they at least have a bra of some sort on (excuse the slang). Cute, but needs more coverage. Way more. A lot more!
I don't care what anyone says about this, because frankly, a bralet doesn't exist in my vocabulary! I barely even know how to wear it, or what to wear it with! However, I have seen many girls wear this thing by itself with a pair of jeans or shorts and it's nasty! Not something I'd wear, especially if I'm trying to maintain a modest form.

Now, I'm partial to my plaid button-down shirts! They may appear masculine, but they also come tailored to the feminine form, too! Great for any cowgirl-western enthusiast. Or for those who just love button-down blouses! Just don't wear this shirt buttoned down too low. If you do, wear a camisole; and remember to keep it form fitting, but not too tight. 

WOW! This, um, is off the chart scary! How would someone wear this anyhow? I am confused as to why anyone would ever, in their right mind, want to wear something so sexual and tight? I'd suffocate and feel majorly exposed. :0
This top I have no problem with, until it becomes a problem. I like the top, actually. I like the style (which is a Racer-back tank top) because it is fairly modest. However, it is always probably for any modest piece of clothing to become immodest. Just a fact. I have seen dozens of girls wearing this style of shirt the wrong way. The Racer-back tank top is designed specifically for the Racer-back bra, which means that the bra straps are naturally covered by the way the back is designed. Here's how it can be an immodest top: if you wear this top with a regular bra. The bra straps show, because the back of the top isn't designed to hide that specific bra strap. Therefore, this top can have immodest properties. If worn correctly, it's a lovely piece to have in your closet. Make sure though, that you also have a Racer-back bra in your closet, too!

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Words of wisdom: Everything begins with the resolve to take the first step. From that action, wisdom arises and change begins. Without action, nothing changes.

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  1. Hello; I've just found your blog and have looked it over and I LOVE IT! I love your posts on modesty, too! I love to dress modestly and I wish more women would. So, I wanted to thank you for talking about it! :)

    Also, your new series '100 Things' looks like a blast! I will love seeing all the cool pictures!

    Keep up the good work!

    Love in Christ,
    Jamie Joyce

  2. Great post Emily! :) I've been enjoying reading your perspective on modesty summer fashion. Looking forward to the next one!


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