modesty 101; vol. 3: dresses

Dresses are another pet peeve for me. I despise seeing girls walk around in those supper short, bubbly, awkward ones. Gag! I also don't like wearing them myself. It's not that I don't like them or am against feminism; rather I feel restrained and confined. Claustrophobic almost. 

Anyhow, that's beside the point. Dresses, while they are a lovely way to dress up and sport a woman's unique and elegant attributes, they've become scandalous. Mainly in in the shortness of the skirt and the cut of the neckline. Dresses still retain (if they are modest) their essence of femininity and grace, but when scaled down to the standards of the average woman of today, you might as well wear a feed-sack (they're likely to be more modest!).

The dresses out there today on the racks are cute (on a manikin), but hold an alarming air of immodesty that must not go unnoticed. Provocative and indecent, dresses (the ones that hold a tasteless mystery), tend to expose more that just they womanly figure. Over the years, while out standards of clothing have greatly declined, the dress (or gown) has taken a turn for the worst. And while some heroines  are doing their best to erect the classic elegance of a modest dress, the sheer number of immodest dresses can be cumbersome and overwhelming.

So, today, my mission is to expose those nasty immodest dresses for what they are and, hopefully, give you all an idea of how to look shamelessly cute and feminine without compromising your modesty and virtue.

I love the color of this dress paired with that cute, pink blazer. (Great idea if you're wanting a modest, edgy look!). I like the first half of this dress. The top hits the collar bone perfectly and adds a hint of sophistication! But, I cannot overlook the bottom half of this dress. Girls, this half is simply too short. Now, this girl may have great legs and all, but it's not becoming. Any dress and/or skirt should come to the top of the knee or right below. Too long and you look short. Too short get the idea.  
While you can't see the top of the dresses, take a look at the bottom half. The two distinct lengths of the girls' dresses are exactly the length one should strive to come close to (in my opinion). I'm not trying to tell you all how to dress, but from what I've seen, any girl who wears the length of dress (Pic 1; above) tends to look cheap. I tend to think that a girl who prides herself in her elegance and the delicate body God gave her, she would want to dress appropriate and wear a length similar to (Pic 2; above). By the way, I love the dress on the right! (Dress on left could be a tad longer). Just saying. :)
I'm trying so hard not to like this dress. But the boho crazed girl in me LOVES it! The only draw back for me would be the length, again! I mean, how am I supposed to walk outside on a windy day, and feel pretty, when there might be a possibility that I'll experience a severe draft! The last thing I want people to know is what color underwear I am wearing. I'll pass! Cute dress, love the style. Hate the length. Bummer.
What is this? No....don't tell me, I already know. It's a super stylish towel. Yep, that's it. I think I need to lay down and rest a bit. I feel somewhat faint. Whew! This dress is over the edge when it comes to breaking the rules of modesty. Too short and there is no support on the top half to make sure it doesn't end up falling down! Icky.
Just a note, aside from the picture, I find it repulsive and deplorable, as well as degrading to the female form when a girl wears a dress with a low-cut top. Hide the mystery, girls! One day that will be gone. Believe it or not, our body is our best kept secret and our most deadly weapon. Use it wisely and dress the way you'd want guys to treat you. Do you want a tramp or a gentleman? Anyhow, Brit Nicole is a wonderful example of a modest dress. If you are one who goes so far as to even cover up your shoulders, then put a cute sweater, blazer or cardigan over top. Timeless!

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  1. I love this post, Emily! I really enjoy wearing a cute dress in the summer but, as you said, it's hard to find one both long enough and with a decent neckline. My very smart and fashion savvy mom, however, has taught me a thing or two that helps alter pretty much any dress! In fact, the other day at Target I bought this very sweet dress (you can see it here: I lean toward the tall side, however, and it was too shot to be comfortable (for me, anyway). An adorable pair of gray leggings that I love was an easy fix for that part! Now I am small chested and probably didn't need this next step (however, even thought it didn't look immodest I wasn't comfortable with the way the neckline was laying) but I went ahead and wore a pink cami with a lacy neckline to finish off the outfit beautifully! Volia! A sweet summer outfit. And I feel rather proud of myself for transforming an otherwise not modest outfit into a decent one. :)

    Love ya,

    p.s. Love the dress in the last picture...sooo adorable!

  2. I would like to wear more dresses than I do. I love how feminine and pretty they look. But I have a hard time finding dresses that I like and sometimes I feel a little silly and "dressed up" in a dress in a casual situation. :)

    But I do not get the whole mini-dress trend at all. First of all, I would be incredibly too self-conscious to wear a dress that only comes halfway down my thigh. Second of all, I don't think they look good on anyone, even girls who obviously feel comfortable in them. Websites like Shabby Apple and Modcloth have some dresses that are absolutely adorable, except that they're too short (and too expensive :). Especially when you're on the tallish side (I'm 5'8 or 5'9).


  3. I found your commentary to be entertaining and pretty spot on. :) Great post and beautiful blog look!

  4. I agree, Britt Nicole's dress is beautiful, and totally modest! AS for that 'towel' dress, ugh! Haha, great post Emily! :)

  5. Awesome post; I completely agree with everything! Length past knees and collar to neck is just about standard for me. :)

    ~Jamie Joyce

  6. I agree with your assessment of the towel dress. What is even cute about that?!
    While I probably wouldn't wear the dress in the last picture (not my style) that is adorable. I love how her bike matches her outfit. =)
    The length of Junior dresses these days is enough to make one despair, even when you ARE short(ish) like I am. Even more despair-causing are the necklines. Some of them would work if you were perfectly flat-chested, which I'm not, and the rest are awful!
    It's very sad for me to go into the dressing room with a heap of adorable dresses, squeeze myself like a sausage into them one by one, and then gape in dismay at my reflection. They're so cute until you get them on and can see too much of your not-so-perfect legs and almost as much of your top half! It's always evident that I wouldn't feel comfortable stepping out into the dressing room, much less out of the building, in the dress I've got on!
    That said, I only own two dresses! Very sad. I wish there were more modest ones out there. Unfortunately, leggings don't work well for me. My legs aren't stick-thin. =(
    Maybe someday I can design my own line of clothing! =)


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