Harvesting Wheat

Yesterday, I went with my mom to Volunteer at our local historical site, Mansker's Station. I have volunteered at this site for five years and love every minute of it! The people there are so friendly and the programs they have up an running are amazing.
 I love their education programs. Right now they've got a agriculture program set up for the next five years. This is pretty neat, because this year (this spring and summer) is their first full year involved in this program.
 Anyhow, in conjunction to the Agriculture program I helped them harvest the Wheat!
 Okay, I took the pictures of them harvesting the Wheat....
 But seriously, I helped too! That was earlier. Days before the 'photo shoot'. Honest!
 I love the hard work. I could do without the extreme heat, though.
 The Wheat is so beautiful. Ah, those amber waves of grain! They're so graceful as they blow in the summer's breeze. What I wouldn't give to have their felicity and frivolousness.
 Not a care in the world. They just stand erect and sway to their own tune.
The sound of the Scythe swooping to cut the stalks of the grain is relaxing.
 The sound of thrashing the Wheat is calming and is a very good means of anger management.
 It's hot at the station-where we're harvesting the Wheat. Water is greatly needed to keep hydrated. However, wetting down the do-rag is refreshing and allows us to work longer without a break. Still need that water, though!
 Oh....the weeds and flowers were pretty, too! I love the big fluffy head of this dandelion.
 Even the women work. Believe it or not, the clothes we wear (period correct 18th century clothing) is very cool. It breathes easily. I'd rather wear my linen clothing than my 21st century ones!
 I wonder what our fore-fathers would think of us today, if they knew what we were doing. Would they be proud?
All-in-all, it's an amazing experience. Going to Mansker's Station is really eye-opening to the ways of life back then for those who risked their lives to make ours more comfortable. It makes me thankful for the things God has blessed me with. And it makes me proud to call myself an American.


  1. Oh those pictures are beautiful!! Sounds like you had a grand time helping out (except for the heat...I'm a Texan so I know how working out in the 100+ degree sun is...*sigh* lol). :)

    [referring to the comment you left on my blog]
    I have yet to find a red scarf, too! My dad is doing okay, but he's been very grumpy and emotional lately. :/ He gets his next Tysabri infusion Tuesday, June 14th, so after he gets that he should be good. Right now it's just a matter of keeping him happy until then. :)

    I love you!

  2. Great photos Emily! :) I'd try something like that. It looks like fun! :)


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