Modesty 101; vol. 1: Anna Sophia Robb

I am all about being modest. It gets under my skin watching girls, even guys, walk around in skimpy clothing. Do they think they're hot or something? I mean, come on! It's not even that attractive-dressing inappropriately, showing too much, you know, skin.

I'm all for having fun with clothing choices, but there is a fine line between modesty and immodesty. The later I don't care much for (as you already know). Just so you know, I detest mini skirts, short-shorts, and low-cut blouses. ;)

Not that I am trying to promote Anna Sophia Robb or anything, but I do find her to be a pretty good actress (not my favorite, though), and, well, kinda modest. Kinda.

Really liking the color. And the halter top is a great way to stay stylish without compromising modesty. I wish, though, that there wasn't so much space showing near the armpit. Ya know?
Now, this is cute! I love the pattern. I confess, I am a little liberal when it comes to modesty, BUT not by much. Showing some neck isn't a crime, as long as I can't see anything else.
Amazing top! I want it so badly. The color is nice, and the jewels around the neckline are very retro. Appears modest enough for my taste. You?
This looks so clunky and seems to swallow Anna's small frame. I hate the color black, but it is truly modest. Could work better for me if it were salmon or white.
Stunning dress. Delightful pattern. Um...a little short. I would prefer it a little longer (perhaps below the knee). It's flattering, though. Just not for me!
Here we go, the perfect modest outfit! Jeans, a T-shirt and adorable shoes! Not too tight, just right.
Modest fashion flaw! Alert! I do not think these shorts qualify as modest, do they. NO THEY DO NOT! Hun, go change into something appropriate, and while you're at it, but a shirt on. Please.
Purple seems to be her color. I think at least. I love the way the top crosses. Just enough skin. But, I can't say much for the lower half. Crossing my fingers it's a lower bottom.


  1. I can't wait to see Soul Surfer. I just love her in Bridge to Terabithia! ...though I haven't seen it in years. May just have to watch it. :)

  2. I love the purple dress...I want it :)

  3. Oh my goodness, I love your "review"!!!! My eyes are literally glued to the screen whenever I'm reading your blog...I can't get enough of it! I've missed the blog world soo much!

    P.S I'd love it if you'd stop by my blog if ya get a chance, and answer my question in the last paragraph of my last post ;)

  4. I love every movie I've ever seen Anna Sophia Robb in!! She's a wonderful actress and I really like her style. :) While she does choose to wear some things that I don't care for because of their immodesty, she also wears some modest clothing that I would TOTALLY want in my closet! ;) I wasn't too happy about her wardrobe in Soul Surfer (my family and I went to see it). Even though it is a surfing movie, and she does live on the beach, I still thought that maybe they could put some more clothes on her. lol :) But it was a great movie and had a beautiful message!! (Btw, that 7th picture in your post is from the set of Soul Surfer, so yeah, I think you can see what I mean by "put some more clothes on her" lol;)

    Great post and I hope you will be doing more of these!! *hint* ;)


  5. Maybe it's because I'm a Jew, but I find few of these fashions modest. My girls know better than to show their shoulders, knees, or anywhere in between - even while sitting their skirts must cover their knees. In addition, we believe that the elbows must be covered. It is virtuous to cover more, not less. I am disturbed at the idea that there is such thing as a modest sleeveless dress. To me there is no such thing - I get that it's an improvement on much of what comes out of Hollywood but our girls should not be using Hollywood as a bar for what is modest. Instead, they should be following scripture (in our case, Jewish scripture) and their fathers when it comes to what is and is not modest.


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