What love is this?

At Church the other day, the choir jammed out to some inspirational, uplifting, have-a-hallelujah-good-time music. It was Palm Sunday, as you all know, and celebration of what Christ did for us on the Cross was in full swing.

The whole service (all praise music) was done beautifully by our new choir director. The songs were a composition of some new songs I'd never heard, and others that always give me chills. They weren't the usual Sunday morning songs that cause some to sob, raise their hands in surrender, etc. (Even though they've heard the song for the umpteenth time).

These songs were actually spell binding. Each was accompanied by readings from the Bible. They correlated beautifully with each other-song and the very chilling pictorial of Christ as he prayed with his sleepy Disciples before being betrayed by Judas.

Not very often do we get treated to a magnificent celebration of what Christ has done for us sinners here on earth. We go to Church to learn about all that, but it never seems to be a celebration; it strikes me to be more like a funeral.

While sitting in my chair, listening to this powerful music as it blasted me in the face at full force, there it began-the realization of just how much Christ had surrendered for me.

Sure, all that music gets you pretty worked up, especially when it's up beat and fluctuates between low and high tempo. Normally, songs don't do that to me, unless I feel a connection to them. However, there was one song our Choir sang on Palm Sunday that resonated deeply within me. And there, listening to the words, sang my soul...
"What love is this? That you lay down your life for me that I might live, that I might live. Your grace so free, you gave me life eternally, all I am is yours."
Yes, Lord. All I am is yours! Hearing this song and even reading the words, gives me chills. What Love is this? As if it were some foreign concept we ask this question. What Love is this? Christ, the one God sent to save us, is the love we ask about. His love surpasses all knowledge and understanding.

As humans, we cannot grasp the concept of what it is to love like Christ. Therefore, we have a hard time accepting the fact that God would give up His only son (John 3:16) to die for the world. That You lay down Your life for me that I might live, that I might live.

Your grace so free, You gave me life eternally, all I am is Yours. Just as God gave us eternal life, he gave us a wonderful gift, called Grace. We don't have to work in order to secure our salvation or place in heaven. By confessing Christ as lord and acknowledging it in our hearts, we will be saved eternally. Nothing can ever strip us of our salvation. Once a child of Christ, always a child of Christ.

All I am is Yours, God. You gave Your life for me that I might have life. I was once lost, but know I am found. Blind, but now I see. You gave me Grace and forgiveness, mercy and love. You could have forsaken me, and yet, You laid down Your life for me, a sinner in the worst sense of the word. What Love is this Lord, that You would do that for me? This love, it's overflowing, thirst quenching, uplifting, energising! I am truly in awe of Your Majesty.... Thank You!


  1. Wonderful post Emily! I don't think we will ever be able to fully realize how much God loves us. Because His love is everlasting! :)

  2. May I use this picture for my blog, Emily? Thank you for your beautiful post. His love is great. It's crazy. It's mighty. It's glorious. You've encapsulated it through words.


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