My List

Okay, here's my list! This is a list of all the qualities I want in my future husband, qualities I pray for everyday. Now, these qualities may or may not be what God has planned, but I trust that I will meet a man with a few admirable qualities that will please God and be a blessing to me.

Good Humored--has a funny personality and isn't afraid to laugh at himself.

Humble--enough to admit that he doesn't know every thing.

Self confident and Secure--in himself and his own knowledge, and yet, will seek the advice and counsel from his wife.

Hard Working--determined to do whatever it takes to provide for his family.

A Good Listener-- listens with his ears, eyes, heart and mind.

Handy--able to fix whatever needs to be fixed.

Honest--tells the truth and doesn't try to hide anything...whether it hurts or not.

Adventurous/fun-loving--someone who is free-spirited and enjoys life.

Faithful--someone who will be committed to his family and to God.

Brave/Protective--a man who would fight and lay his life down for his wife.

Passionate--not just for his wife, but also for God.

Thoughtful--a man who thinks before he acts or speaks.

A Godly, Christian Man--someone who is fully committed to God and loves God more than himself or his wife.

Now for the physical side! I want my man to be handsome...preferably tall, dark, handsome and strong; but I will love the man God chooses for me wholeheartedly, whether he is blond, short or average.


  1. all of the above = awesome :) here's some physical features i would prefer, God willing :)

    -brown eyes the sparkle
    -great smile
    -freckles sprinkled across his nose

    what are some of yours, em? :)

  2. I am so glad I am not the only one with a list. :D Those are good things to look for in a man!

    On another note, love the new look, Emily! Did you do that yourself? :)


  3. LOL, "Now for the physical side!"...haha! Love your list, sister, & I agree. Love ya!

    -Can't wait for your letter,

  4. Dear Em,

    I visited your blog today and enjoyed my look around. You are a special young lady and I applaud your passion for the written word and your devotion to the Lord. Enjoyed your comparison/contrast of Last of the Mohicans book v movie. Ashamed to say I am not a big fiction fan, not even the classics (haven't read much of them since college). Lastly, nice list. I'm sure there's a special guy who fits the bill, but expect imperfections (my wife has accepted mine). As a seminary professor, I'd also add "sound theology" (smile). Regards and best wishes.-LD


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