Modest Swimwear

I don't know about you, but the one thing I hate about the spring and summer months are the atrocious clothing choices teens choose to wear, especially the bathing suits, short-shorts, and interestingly showy tank-tops, and t-shorts.

I'm not trying to condemn anyone for dressing immodestly. But, come on, its just tacky to wear floozy clothes.

Just me?

I am sure you all could agree. It's not easy watching girls walk around thinking they're HOT with things that should be covered POPPING out and oozing over. Swimwear happens to my one of my pet peeves.

I hate going to the pool, or even to the beach because, to be honest, there are MANY girls who should cover up and not flaunt what they have. That is, because, well, they either have a whole lot more than they need, or they don't have much at all....

Try and understand me here, if that's possible, because I feel I'm rambling on! Anyhow...I am all for looking pretty and stylish while swimming, BUT, I despise bikinis, high-cut swim suits, etc., and cannot stand the sight of girls who would rather show an extreme amount of skin (which is quite detracting to guys), rather than dress modestly and appropriately.

In my opinion, swimwear has become a contest to see who can wear the skimpiest swim suit and show the most leg.
Well, if you're like me and would rather cover up and avoid looking like a total slut (pardon phrase), check out these awesome sites for modest swimwear (below):


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