It Takes a Certain Courage to...

Gobble down some candy...
Stuff yourself with sweets!
Look in the bright side.
 Be positive.
 Enjoy life.
  Love and be yourself.
Dance in the rain.
Eat syrup drenched waffles.
  Play in the mud.
 Sing at the top of your lungs.
Watch Disney Movies.
Play pretend.
Walk on water.
Eat gummy worms.
 Live life. 
 Savor the moment.
Accept things with a grain of salt.
 Be beautiful.
 Share Christ.
Speak the truth.
Act goofy.
Jump wildly.
Hope for the best.
Be happy.


  1. Loved this Emily! So pretty!!! And very positive haha!


  2. Love this post. It gave me the chills. I really need to step back sometimes and remember these little things that are really such big things. :-)
    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. This is a great post! So positive and it's true! It was also very creative, with the pictures illustrating in addition! I loved it!

  4. Great post Emily! Awesome pictures! :) I love your new blog design!

  5. I'm a first time visitor and love these pictures! What a neat post! I am so jealous of the bed built-in by the window :)


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