Hello There Sunshine

How's it going? Haven't seen ya in a while and, well, it's SO GOOD to see you. I've really missed you. 
 Those warm rays, calming breezes, and the smell of Lilac bushes make my body ache just waiting for you, my dear sunshine, to poke your head through the clouds! 
 Won't you stay a while, PLEASE? I am lonely without you. It's so gloomy without your bright, cheery disposition to make the day positive and happy.
 Please stay. I want you to stay. Don't leave any time soon. Please?



  1. Amen! :D Our Texas weather has been going crazy...it was 80 one Saturday, and we had flurries of snow on the ground the next day...it was ridiculous. Luckily, we've seemed to settle into the summer-in-April mode, where the sun doesn't stop shining, and the weather's perfect. I don't want our sunshine to leave here, either.

    I hope your sunshine sticks around. ;)

  2. I agree!!! Its time for some sun! I'm tired of this dreary cloudyness! lol

    p.s. absolutely LOVE the new design ;)

  3. yes, please do stay. i love you so much and it would break my heart to see you go :)

    anna :)


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