Love Like Water and Chaos

Dear Self,

Take a minute to look at yourself in the mirror. What do you see? Does a crazy-haired,pimple-faced, red-eyed girl stare straight back at you? Does the acne on your face make your heart drop and wrinkle your nose in disgust? Does your body cause you to look away in shame or in horror?
As you look in the mirror, have the courage to look yourself in the eyes and tell that girl-who is struggling to accept and love her person-that she is beautiful. 

Look at that lonely and hurting wallflower. She needs you. That girl, that lonely wallflower who is dying to bloom, needs you to accept her. Because if you will not, nobody else will. 
Going  throughout our day only content with how you look, without once feeling beautiful, is unacceptable! You are beautiful and are made for so much more than all of this! So, stop watching those TV commercials that tell you all about how great it is to be 'flawless'. And, while you are at it, put down that latest edition of Sixteen Magazine that you are reading in the checkout line at Walmart-you know one that's plastered with the message that true happiness and beauty come from being unnaturally skinny, popular, fashionable, and 'flawless'-and Walk Away!

Until you realize that to God, you were meant to be that Beautiful Disaster, you will never love being YOU. You will always feel disgusted with yourself and desire for things you wish you had; compare yourself to others, knowing full-well that what you are thinking is not true about yourself. And your perception of your body will never chance for the better, but will, instead, continue to drown in the sea of self-doubt, pity, low self-esteem; lacking self-confidence to be bold and beautiful.

Realize that in order to change the way you see and feel about yourself, you must first accept the way God made you, knowing that you are beautiful in His eyes.

You are treasured. You are sacred. You are His. And He loved you for all your quirky imperfections.

Do not set your personal standards and perception of yourself off of what the world tells you the 'perfect woman' should look like. It is not real. And, because God made you the way you are, perfection is practically an unattainable self-effort. What is perfect is the way God looks at you with a smile across His face, arms open wide to accept you into His embrace, eyes beaming with a love like water and chaos; and an admiration for you that is beyond belief because He created YOU

You are beautiful in Him. Do not ever forget that! NEVER.
"You aren't plain or forgotten or worthless. It doesn't matter what they say about you, because He says you're worth dying for. He has a message for you: Fall desperately in love with the One who thinks you're more beautiful than a galaxy of stars" (Paperdoll, 51).


  1. So beautiful & true!!!!!
    Love you!

  2. em, that's me. that girl. that one that can't see she's a beautiful disaster. so thanks for posting this. i really, really needed it today. :')


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