Skin Deep: Synopsis

I spent a while trying to come up with a good synopsis for my book Skin Deep. I wanted to be descriptive, but not long winded. The last think I wanted, even for myself, was to have to read a long winded synopsis that could have been condensed to a few hundred words. Anyhow,  after much tweaking, I believe I have written a fairly self-explanatory piece. What do you think?
Pressurized by the need to be in control and perfect, a disheartening childhood, a questionable work experience, and a dysfunctional church experience force 18-year-old Debby to seek her own reality. Hounded by the distorted reflections of mirrors, car doors, and shop windows, she sets things in order by controlling what she eats.

Debby's baggy clothes and exhaustive calorie scrutiny can't cover up the fact that she is allowing her body to wither away. As she encounters the reality of her situation and as she feels pressure from her mother to be perfect, Debby's escape becomes her art. And her goal becomes the picture of perfection she thinks her mother desires from her.

Skin Deep is Debby's story as her struggles become more than physical and she finally allows God to take control and lead her to the answers she was running from all along.
Also, I have created a play list for my book that ties in well to the feel and theme I am trying to create. It will be my inspiration and motivation throughout this writing process.


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