New Blogger on the Block

Hey there guys!

Boy, let me tell you, the snow is raining down on us over here in Middle Tennessee like mortar shells. We're projected to get at least 3 inches of snow tonight. It's been crazy, really. Never in all of the 12 years I have lived in the state of Tennessee have I seen so much snow for so long. Usually, we only get an inch or two the week after Christmas and that's it.

Haha! Not this year. I guess the Lord has other plans. But, hey, that's OK with me! I am just so memorized by all this spectacular crystallizing beauty that all I can think of is "Wow. What an artist is our Divine Lord!"

Oh, and I have some news! After prodding my sister to set up her own blog, she has finally done it! Yay! She's such a beautiful soul and I expect that you'll be seeing a lot of dating and courting posts, purity and modesty posts. So, please do me a favor and head on over to my sister's blog: While I'm Waiting. I don't think she'd mind if you decided to follow, either. *wink*

Whelp, this is Emily signing out. Adios Amigos!


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