Modesty 101: Introduction

I am happy to announce that I am going to be doing a Modesty101 study right her on Grace Like Rain. A Christian girls...a guys...we need to be on our guard against clothing that causes distractions for the opposite sex and their walk with Christ. One bra strap, pantie line, etc., can cause anyone to falter. And girls, this is a major problem for guys. Remember this: guys are visual, don't expose more than you aught.

Here's some info on it:
  • I'll post pictures of clothing items that are modest...and of course immodest. I'll talk about the pictures that I post, compare them, and explain why it is modest or why it is not modest.
  • I'll be choosing items of clothing that are "in style" right now...but we'll see which items of these styles are modest and not!I'll be using a nice program called Polyvore, which I've been registered to for awhile, to post these pictures of the clothing. There won't be any models displaying the clothing, just the item itself.
  • I've talked to different women who have different opinions on what is modest and what is not. I'll post some guidelines for this study as well.
  • Everyone has their own opinions. Everyone is titled to their own opinion. I am just posting what I think is modest, and what some other women think is modest as well. You have a right to your opinion of whether you think the clothing may be modest or not, and if you wish to disagree with what I say is modest or not, you may post a comment. I am interested to know what other girls/women think. I may not actually publish the comment, mind you. 
I am excited for this study! Hope you are too!


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