Dramatis Personae - The Secondary Characters of Skin Deep

After doing my main Character post for Skin Deep, I have decided to go ahead and do the same for my secondary characters. Now, to me, it is very important to maintain organization, forward momentum, and a vision. This is one of the reasons I have opt to do character sketches for the characters with even the smallest of rolls. 

So, without further ado, I would like to introduce you to my secondary characters. They are just as important to the story as the main characters.

Sensei Dan Hobbs
A man who appears to be on the brink of insanity. He has been a Martial Arts instructor for more than 25 years and has left his Dojo (Karate School) in the hands of three teenagers. Rarely does he stop by his Dojo to see how things are going, nor does he teach. He is perfectly content to have teenagers run his business, even though they are not as experienced, knowledgeable, or capable. Debby's mom thinks Sensei has image issues and is insecure about his lack of a college education. That might be why he obsesses over looking young and maintaining his 'image'. He and his wife seem to be beating around the bush when it comes to paying their employees and they have become very reclusive. And to make matters worse and perceptions sour, Sensei Hobbs seems to be targeting all his frustrations and stress onto Debby (his employee), who happens to the be innocent an by-standard. 

Mrs. Stacey Hobbs (Sensei Hobb's Wife)
She is supposed to be running the business side of the Dojo, but like her husband, is rarely seen. She sometimes stops in to teach a class here or there,  but other than that, lets the teenagers do the rest. She is the mother of an interesting, almost creepy son who has become a scary vision of Death Metal and Gothic influences. And furthermore, she is of little help to Debby's confused conscious as the teen girl tries to understand the accusations directed towards her by Sensei Hobbs. And Debby wonders if Mrs. Hobbs is not hiding something.

Lydia Marshall
She is one of Debby's life-long friends. She's a strong and very bold girl who is not afraid to state her mind. Of course, she does not like to be mean if she does not have to. But sometimes,her feelings get the better of her and she just says the stuff she is thinking. Lydia is not bothered by what others think of her and, like Debby, she is practical, level headed, and stubborn. Debby admires Lydia and thinks fondly of her as a dear, kindred spirit. The two of them are more alike than either of them realize. And when Debby falls of the boat and begins to drown in her eating disorder, Lydia, along with Debby's sister Wendy, are there to keep her afloat.


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