The New Year

Hello New Year!

Honestly, I have mixed emotions about your arrival. One, I did quite enjoy 2010. It brought me such exuberant joy that I had convinced myself earlier last year that you, dear 2011, would not bring quite so many pleasurable memories, experiences, hopes, and accomplishments.

 Two, it was a year filled with many activities of exceptional felicity. I visited Williamsburg, Virginia and saw many a beautiful rendition of our Nation's past; got to see Mount Vernon-George Washington's elaborate estate, furnished with fine things, and stationed perfectly on the Potomac River. I graduated in 2010, held three jobs (not all at once), and grew considerably closer to the Lord through the many trials and tribulations that I encountered-which I consider to be the biggest accomplishments of last year.

With so many spectacular events of 2010 having happened to me all at once, I am afraid that the same joy I possessed last year, may not be so in 2011.

What say you?

Will you be as spectacular, or better than 2010? Will you meet my expectations and deliver an amazing, productive, and memorable year?

Forgive me if I seem pesemistic, 2011. It's nothing personal. I suppose it will be up to God as to how you turn out.

No. Hold Up. Wait a darn minute...

Forget ever wondering about my future. Oh, 2011, while 2010 was amazing, I won't let that effect my desire to expereince all you have in store for me-all that God has in story for us.

This is it. 2011, you are here and there is no turning back. This is my year. It's my chance to create, to explore, to be passionate. It's my time to shine. My new beginning; the dawn of a new year filled with adventure, hope, faith, and determination. Another chapter for the Author of my life story to orchestrate.

About what I said before: I take it back. 2010 was great. But, deep down inside, while I am a bit fearful of what you hold in store for me, I can't wait to see what it is! There will be trials and tribulations in my future, but there will also be those moments where I will ultimitly look back and feel at peace knowing that my suffering was not in vain, but a much needed lesson preparing me for the purpose God has given me.

I can't wait to set out and explore the year with a bright, optemistic outlook; embrace the adventures with a humble heart; leap those disparing hurdles with strong and firm steps of a faithful servant; and live out the stories written for me by the Author of the greatest love story ever written.

The story that God has in the making puts a twinkle in my eye. I am ready, 2011. You are my fresh, new beginning. You, my friend, are a blessed, underrated opportunity to love with every heartbeat. To bless others with every kind word and humble action. To breathe hope and inspiration. To laugh at my silliness. To learn from my mistakes. To appreciate the extrodinary life I have been give. To cry tears happiness and sorrow for the world despiratly seeking a Greater Love. To behold God's wonderuos creation and embrace it. To capture moments in time before they drift off to sea. And to be Jesus to the world, filling those enpty clay hearts with more than just water, but with Love's enduring promise.
"So with you: Now is your time of grief, but I will see you again and you will rejoice, and no one will take away your joy."- John 16:22 (NIV)

2011, may everyday you bring be blessed by God's grace. Discouraging or encouraging, whatever happens...Bring it on.


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