Thank You!

(As of Monday 11/29 and Tuesday 11/30) I forgot, or rather was too busy, to update you on my Grandpa Monday. He's out of surgery and doing good in the ICU. They have him sedated and are watching him in the ICU for 2-3 days to watch his progress, and to monitor his blood pressure. 

I was told that he didn't do so good the first night. His blood pressure went down dangerously low and his breathing became uneven. Scary! So with some meds and the advantage of a breathing tube, he's back to as normal as possible for someone who went through an extensive surgery. (They ended up removing bladder, glands, part of his prostate, and then reconstructing his bowls. His small intestine was reconnected to his kidney or colon [one of the 2!] and then to the bag).

The surgery actually took 7 hours; from 10:00a.m to 5:00p.m! It was a long day for my family down in Florida, possibly nerve raking, too. But your prayers were such a blessing! Thanks. I ask that you assist us in continual prayer. My Grandpa may be improving, but there is always a possibility that he go through bumpy times in ICU, as well as in the normal hospital room. Since he's not always optimistic and gets depressed about his situation, especially when he's feeling sick, he tends to see no light at the end of the tunnel. Please pray that he won't give up! 

And please help us pray for my Grandma, that she'll keep strong and have courage to help and support my Grandpa through this tough time.

Thank You!

***(As of last night and today...) Notice: Upon reading a few messages on my FB page, it appears my Grandpa had another rough night. Rapid heart beat and low grade fever. He's stable now, but will stay on ventilator for another day and will most likely stay in the ICU until Friday. Let's pray he doesn't have to stay there for that long period of time, and that they'll be able to move him to a regular room in a day or two. Thank you all so much for your prayers! Keep them coming!


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