Love Like Water

Listening To: Paper Doll-Rosie Thomas

I want love that is infinite, not flimsy. I want to experience the kind of love that boggles my mind with its depth and dimension. I want a love I can hold up to my heart like a kaleidoscope. Change the way I see things. Change the way I live. Teach me how to love. Take this beautiful mess and make is a masterpiece. Love won't shatter my heart with conditions. It accepts, uplifts, and redefines.
I want a love that gives me peace; a love that wraps around my shoulders like a blanket, pulling me close, whispering, "welcome home." I want a love I can swim in. I want to dive deeper and deeper and move faster against the current until I feel as if my lungs are going to explode. And then, when I break the surface, I want love to be my first furious breath of air--intoxicating, invigorating, alive. (Paperdoll, p.35)


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