Happy Birthday To Me!

Yesterday was Christmas; today is my Birthday. Not much to report, only for the fact that it's another typical day. No friends, not a lot of family, and nothing particularly special....

But, I am not so upset that I would let it ruin my day; not now at least. The beginning of the day was a little shaky, but after talking it over with my mom, I feel a whole lot better. I'm not disappointed anymore. We had a yummy stuffing and turkey soup for lunch and then finished it off with a colorful cake and dairy-free ice cream (cake is dairy-free, too!).

So, Happy Birthday to me. I'm 18! Wow....18 years old. Gees, time flies by so quickly.

 Love you all. Hope you had a Merry Christmas! Enjoy the rest of 2010. Now, if you'll pardon me, I think I have Chocolate Velvet Ice Cream calling my name...


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