Beautiful Love

It's easy to get caught up in the life of the world and go about your business each and every day without giving anything a second thought. All I can say is that my mind seems to wonder from one thing to the next, till everything seems the same; living each day just going through the motions. I must admit, sometimes I feel like I'm walking through a tunnel with no hope of light at the end. My eyes are tired and blinded with tears to where I have to sense my way through. Like I said, it's easy to get caught up in the life of the world...or in other words "LOST." It's difficult trying to live in a place that loves the extraordinary; I'm only ordinary, but I have an "EXTRAORDINARY GOD."

This world can easily tear you down with their evil ways and trickery, hoping that you will fall fast and hard. The world doesn't want you to shine, but drown along with them. I've been torn down, my heart torn out and ripped up like a useless sheet of paper that no one cares to even read what it has been written upon it. 
"But I know there is one who sees my paper heart, every frayed corner, all the rips and tears that I've tried to tape back together" (Paperdoll).
The world may not love me and who am I, but I have a God that does and his name is "JESUS". He takes this Beautiful mess that I am and makes it into a masterpiece. He shows me what true love is, because He is love, He's everything that love should be. He's the "BEAUTIFUL SIDE OF LOVE".

I know that whenever God looks at his creation "US", He doesn't look at the outside, but He looks at the inside, because He knows Real Beauty is more than Skin Deep.

~Stephanie (Emily's sister)~


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