Seasons Greetings, Or Unwelcome Tidings?

Listening To: My Favorite Things-Julia Andrews
Wordy Quote: " Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful."-Norman Vincent Peale
Hey, it's me again! How are all of my lovelies doing; ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas?

Boy, a piece of Pumpkin Pie with a heaping pile of whipped cream sounds good right about now....more whipped cream than actual pie of course. Oh, and what about that turkey? I cannot wait; my mouth is watering just imagining the decadent juiciness of the bird that is to become my meal for the next week!

On days like today: cold and partly-cloudy, I find the hopeful though of snow to be on my mind. Although I have never seen more than 2-3 inches of snow in one setting, I do find snow to be a most blessed and cheery gift to a stark and gloomy winter.

Not that I detest the winter time! The gloomy and dull days are made up for greatly during the Holiday seasons like Christmas and Thanksgiving!

Ah, I actually adore winter.... The things that I was unable to do in the summer because of the unbearable heat, I am now able to do quiet freely with the brisk winter air at my doorstep. For me, winter is a time to play wildly in the frothy, wet snow, sip a hot cup of peppermint tea, munch on fresh, aromatic cookies, and chug a mug of cocoa after coming in from the cold.

What a way to end the year! Nothing beats rest, relaxation, and knowing that while you may have screwed up and made some mistakes this past year, you have learned from them, grew wiser and more knowledgeable because of them, and were able to yet again, be broken and humbled before the Lord.

Tis' the season for cold, wet and shiny red noses, for family and friends to fellowship and recollect on the past year, as well as an enthusiastic and melodramatic time when people, who have had enough of summer and it's unbearable heat, trade in their iced teas and lemonades for warm, fuzzy blanket, lively Christmas carols, and "chestnuts roasting over the fire".

Christmas is just around the corner. No pressure. And already I am seeing Christmas decor and gifts galore. Not that this doesn't excite me, but I find it to be a distraction from the true purpose for the Christmas season. Retail, retail, retail...that's all Christmas is about now-a-days.

Whatever happened to the simpler times when the major emphasis on celebrating this time of the year was spending it with the ones you loved--regardless of presents, those amazing decorations, and that delicious spread of meats, veggies, and deserts?

Where has the simplicity, and the true meaning of Christmas disappeared to?

Some of you may or may not celebrate Christmas; that's cool. (Or you may celebrate it, but in your own way. That's cool, too.) And we all know that Jesus Christ was really not born at Christmas time, but in the spring. Anyhow, whether Christmas is celebrated in your home or not, there is still a spirit of Christmas in everyone's home (and within themselves) that keeps the blessed tidings of the season alive and well.

There is a beautiful sense of what love, grace, mercy, giving, and sacrifice is all about during this time of the year that we really don't pay much attention to at any other time. Even though this sensation is more electrifying and moving during the Christmas season, it is, unfortunately, hidden beneath the pile of consumerism and governmental "political correctness" that threatens to take CHRIST out of Christmas.
Christmas had become sidetracked. And we, as Christians, have too. Everywhere I look, I see signs that say have a "Happy Holidays" or "Seasons Greetings". What? Where has "Have a Merry Christmas" gone to?

Why has is disappeared? And why are Christians letting it happen?

We've already let prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance be stripped from our schools and government. It's a wonder "In God We Trust" or "One Nation under God" hasn't been removed from the dollar bill or the Pledge of Allegiance altogether! Something has disappeared from the characteristic of the Christian, and that's BOLDNESS.

 We have become hermit-like in our actions and do as little as possible--so it seems. Christmas is a season with a reason. Mainly to celebrate the birth of our Savior, but that's not the point of the season anymore. Now, instead of a "Merry Christmas", we have to put up with a "Happy Holidays"--which doesn't specify which holiday we're celebrating. And that's just it! We're not celebrating one main holiday anymore. We're now celebrating different religious holidays all around the same time. "Happy Holidays" is basically the political correct way of saying: "We're not celebrating Christmas anymore. Other holidays have taken the priority now, and Christmas and its whole theme of "Christ" and "love" is out of the equation."

It's a "Christian" holiday...let's lump it in with the other non-Christian holidays so it doesn't appear to be more than it really is, or so it doesn't stand out. We don't want God to become the central focus of this time of the year--he's had his turn. I mean, really, this is what I feel is happening when we don't stand up and declare our dependence and love of Christ with others. Things start to unravel.

Once upon a starry night, the birth of our Savior was a joyous and miraculous event in history! But now, that it evolves around Christmas time traditionally, it's as if his birth and even the mention of his name is of unwelcome tidings (but this isn't just around the holiday time). He's not a celebrated figure of majesty and Lordship, looked upon with a loving and tender heart, any longer. He's scorned, spat at, and rejected.
Oh, wait! That doesn't sound all too different from what He endured in the past, or what He most definitely will endure in the future.

Mary, the Mother of Jesus, gave birth to an incredible, humble, and loving Savior. I wonder if she realized just how blessed and honored she was to be the mother, and bearer of such a precious gift--the Savior of a dying world!

She obviously knew what a gift she was given. But, we don't seem to recognize Mary's same joyfulness. She was the mother of the Father. And we are His children. While we can all still celebrate Christmas with food, family gatherings and loads of presents...let us not forget the reason for Christmas, Christ. Let us not push Him aside and be afraid to proclaim His name. Being politically correct doesn't restrict us from being's only a that I won't be following any time soon.

While I'm not here to push my religious beliefs on anyone, I will not have my religion or those holidays that revolve around my religion to be lumped together with other religion that do not have Christ as their centerpiece. No "Happy Holidays" for me.

 Unwelcome tidings during Christmas time? Well, if you think so because I say "Merry Christmas" and you don't like it, that's your problem. Take a chill-pill. I say "Merry Christmas" because I am celebrating the very being that this holiday was named after...Christ.

 Although, this holiday isn't 100% biblically correct, I do believe that it is an insult to Christ when we omit His holy name altogether and substitute them with: x-mas, happy holidays, season’s greetings.
So, what do you think: Season’s Greetings or Unwelcome Tidings?


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