Please, Pray

Hey ya'll! How was Thanksgiving? 

Well, I have a small request to ask of you all today. My Grandpa is going into surgery this morning to remove his bladder, prostate, and some glands. He's been battling Bladder Cancer since June of this year and has gone through chemo and radiation to stop the cancer from spreading elsewhere. 

Now, that he's done with chemo, he's going into surgery--today. So, please pray for his safety, the doctors, my family that is down there with him, and his recovery. He's a wonderful person, but not always optimistic, so please pray that he will keep the faith, and persevere. Also, please pray for my Grandma. She might need more prayer than my Grandpa! She's an anxious woman, and worries constantly about every little thing. So please pray that she will have peace, and that she will put all her faith and trust in the Lord.

My brother and dad are down in Florida with my Grandpa right this moment and will be updating us (up here in Tennessee) about his surgery and recovery. Please, please, Pray!

Thank you so very much. God Bless!


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