Cute and Clean

Well, I have some bad news and some good new. 

Bad news:
1) I'm a horrible PenPal.
2) My mom told me to not post anymore of my stories on my blog. 

And I can understand this, for sure. But I am a little disappointed, though. She did say that is was okay to post snippets of it. Which works out better that I thought, but I'd still like to be able to post stories for ya'll to enjoy. I might have to create some that, if they're plagiarized, won't matter! Ha!

Good news:
1) I am going to attempt to do a 365 photo project here on my blog. 

And to start off this project, here's a photo...I took it today. :)

Primping in the Bathroom! I was actually on a mission to take photos of to best buds...aka: Gerald (brother) and friend (Patrick)...that didn't happen! So, I took a picture of my sissy!


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