Walk on water by Britt Nicole

This song hold so much power and makes a valid point: Faith is all it takes. But faith-that's a hard concept. All too often in my own life, I loose faith and doubt my faith. My insecurities and inability to do make it on my own makes me less able to do that which God has planned for me...his purpose. 

I am a doubting Thomas...but there are times when I just need to trust and have faith that God will take care of me. Like Peter, if I have faith enough in Christ, I can walk on water, too!


  1. i looovvveee this song(:

    blessings && smiles,
    anna :)

  2. This has become one of my favorite songs from her!

  3. I love Britt Nicole. And this is one of my favorite songs by her next to "The Lost Get Found". I actually sang this song in church. I am always a doubting Thomas. But I am still a believer. :) Have a Great day!


  4. I LOVE Britt Nicole! This song is one of my favorites, but I never took the time to really think about it in this light and compare it to the way I act. Thank you for posting this--it really makes a girl (or boy) think.

    Love you!

    Elizabeth Rose

  5. Britt Nicole is fav singer! I love all her songs! I definitely agree with you! This song is very powerful! And thanks for following my bog! Great post! :)


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