Team Jesus

Listening To: Only You Can Save-Chris Sligh
Wordy Quote: "We must all hang together, or assuredly, we shall all hang separately." - Benjamin Franklin

There is a saying that basically points out that in order for teamwork to, well, actually work, there needs to be selflessness....there is no 'I' in Team. Everyone seems to either be on a team or root for a team that they like, especially when it comes to Twilight and Football.

I don't understand either of them. And I don't have a favorite team.Team Jacob, Edward, etc. Oh, Please! Spare me the pain of having to listen to that silly, mindless garbage!

All ranting aside, I happen to have a favorite team. It happens to be the BIGGEST team out there. Can you guess? It's not a sports team, a vampire or werewolf team, an Olympic team, or any of that. It's a very active and spiritual team of which I am, at times (sometimes this team lets its biggest player down by not doing its job...remember, no 'I' in team!), proud to say I am a part of TEAM JESUS!


So, today I was listening to Tobymac's I'm For You. That's what brought this whole post about and the idea for the whole "No 'I' in Team" theory (which is absolutely true), as well as the fact that I am on TEAM JESUS. I thought I'd point that out...not that you all didn't already know. :) But, this song, for some strange reason (as I was jumping in my garage), spoke to me. 

With all these teams we profess to support and be a part of, why, we never actually proclaim to the world we're on Jesus' team. We're all for telling people we're on Team Edward or whatever, but we're not 100% comfortable or confidant to show and tell others we're of a more spiritual and mighty team than that of the earthly ones. 

Being a part of a team is great. But we need to keep in mind, that as Christians, we're a part of a much bigger team. This team requires our all and nothing less. If you're giving 100%, plan on giving 150%. Jesus gave his life for us, the least we can do is put aside our differences, humble ourselves, become selfless, and be Jesus to the world. 

And since we're all on Team Jesus, lets keep in mind and remember that there is no 'I' in Team and that we are for Jesus, hence Tobymac's I'm For You (I thought it was a perfect song for today. God really showed me something :)).

Take a look at these lyrics and hide them in your heart for the next time you need a reminder of whose team you're on. We need to ask God exactly what He needs us to do. He already knows, but sometimes we need to ask. And we need to expect that those tasks, trials, etc., that He is having us do will not only produce perseverance and strength, but will be tough (and at times...unbearable):
Whatever you need from me/ To see you through/ Everyone of us has stumbled/ Everybody's humbled/ We hit the ground and our lives crumble.
I'm on Team. Jesus. Are you?


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