A Tale of 2 Sisters

My sister and I decided to do a small photo shoot out in our backyard a few days ago. On such a crisp and breezy fall afternoon, who could resist the temptation to take photos?! I grabbed my camera and my sister and told her what I had planned. Of course, she was all up for it because she LOVES to get her picture taken--goofy girl. :) Anyway, I thought I would share a few of my favorites with you. My sister took the photos of my, and I of her. They turned out great!

My sister took this. As you will notice, I am not very good at conducting original poses for my pictures. I am plain and simple. And the ones that I try to do something different, always turn out to be a conglomeration of creepy facial gestures and body placement. Oh well!
I look thoughtful in this one. Actually, I was wanting my sister to hurry up! She was methodically trying to capture the best lighting possible. I like it. :)
Ah, my cheese smile. Who wouldn't love that smiling back at 'em? And what about those bug eyes? Creepy....Ha! Oh, and you can see my toes...funny!
My favorite one! I love how my sister captured my from above. She's good!
Doesn't she look mysterious? I love those eyes.
Ooh, honey, you look fine! Ha! I love the way she is looking all sweet and innocent. And again, her eyes are stunning. :)
This girl NEVER seems to take a bad picture. Oh, how I wish that were possible for me. I like the lighting in this one.
Tree huger! No. She's a natural poser when it comes to being a model! She loves the spot light.
The color is AMAZING, if I do say so myself. She's such a beautiful girl, ain't she?


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