I’m Trying, But…

I’m trying, but…
what I want to do,
I don’t do enough of,
and what I don’t want to do,
I do too much of.
I know the rules for a Christian life,
according to the Bible,
and I’m trying; I really am, but…
heaven and eternity seem so far away,
and the rampantly materialistic world
presses in so close
from every direction, every side,
that I get distracted.
Focus, focus, focus!
I need to focus, laser-like
on a simple, God-centered life.
Do I really need
to make that frivolous purchase,
instead of giving the money
to someone who needs it
so much more than I do?
Can I watch that TV show,
read that book, listen to that song
that contains (and promotes!)
even a little bit
of what the Bible forbids,
without being corrupted?
Do I do enough
to love and help and encourage others?
Pride always hovers,
eagerly waiting
to subdue and conquer humility,
so I think too much of myself.
I know the rules;
the Bible makes everything clear.
Forgive me, Lord;
I’m trying, but…

Romans 7:15
Matthew 6:19
Matthew 22:39
Philippians 4:8
By Joanna Fuchs


  1. wow, Emily. that was deep...but i think i know what you mean. how can we live in a corrupted world without being corrupted? i'm still trying to figure it out. how to live for Christ while living in this world. it's difficult. i'm trying, though...

    love in Christ.
    anna :)

  2. Wow, what a interesting poem! thanks for sharing :)

  3. I love this poem - It's (sadly) how I often feel in my walk with the Lord. There's just so much trash around, even though I am being raised in a rather sheltered home, and it can be hard to stay strong at times. So glad you shared this :)


  4. ps - by the way, thank you for entering my giveaway! However, I'm not sure that you ever completed your mandatory entry...If you could head over and do that whenever you get the chance so that your extra entries can be counted, that would be wonderful! Thanks so much:)

    Oh, and please don't publish this comment;)


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