I am all this: I am me

I know but not completely
Of how I feel or who I am
I believe but I can't be sure
I look ahead but behind for answers
I see the future but don’t forget mistakes
I am questioning the unanswerable
I am confident but unsure
I am board but I am not
I am lonely but with people
I am tired but cant sleep
I am happy but I am troubled
I am here but I am lost
I am thoughtful with no answers
I am strong but I am scared
I am tolerant of most but not of me
I am waiting but not going any where
I am quite but have a lot to say
I am silent but screaming
I am willing but I am patient
I am colorful in a world of black and white
I am loving and I am loved
I am free and I am faithful
I am all this
I am me

*Author unknown*


  1. Wow - this is exactly how I feel. It's a great poem, Em.



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