Hot Lemon Tea, Delishous casserols, and unfinished stories

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Quotage: “There is nothing like looking, if you want to find something. You certainly usually find something, if you look, but it is not always quite the something you were after.”-- J.R.R. Tolkien
There is nothing better than a hot cup of freshly brewed lemon tea with a hint of ginger and a smidgen of honey and a good book; a pair of ultra soft, multicolored socks and a cozy blanket; the calming aroma of spice cookies and a delicious casserole in the oven. Sounds like heaven if you ask me. 

And when writing a book, this combination of sensual bliss makes a world of difference and allows my thoughts to flow oh-so freely onto the paper from my either the tips of my fingers, or the end of my purple pen. 

Before writing, though, I must have my music! Depending on the particular scene I am attempting to orchestrate, I will listen to music with different emotional tendencies (i.e sad, angry, happy, love). When I write The Lost Get Found, I tend to gravitate towards Britt Nicole because she gives me such uplifting inspiration with that tinge of hope and remorse that I need to make the book work together in a melodious fashion (as if that could even be possible!). 

Well, today my main purpose (I seem to be writing a lot of those lead-in posts lately :)) is to introduce to you my synopsis of The Lost Get Found. It's fairly short and sweet and, because my last one was rather lengthy and confusing, I have decided to only give the particulars without telling all! (Okay, that will be difficult, but I'll try :))

  Natalie Steel was a methodical and an introverted girl before she arrived at White House High three years ago. And in order to fit in, Natalie had to change everything about her. She's become fake. Nothing about her screams a unique identity; and because her deep and tender personality (which made her that 'real' and lovable person her family and friends adored) was now gone, Natalie had begun to loose site of herself in the commotion of self-centerdness and popularity. Her personality didn't even match her bouncy brown curls anymore. She was a changed person.
  Since Natalie's transformation from a shy homeschool girl to a bouncy, energetic Cheerleader, things have not been the same in the Steel household. Everyone is always on edge and Natalie's brother Ben is at a loss as to why his sister desires to belong so badly to a certain group. He doesn't like the fact that Natalie's the it-girl at school, nor does he enjoy watching her flirt frivolously with all the jocks. This wasn't like his well-grounded, level-headed sister. Who was she? Where did she go? Behind a stained-glass masquerade.

Becoming the cheer captain and attaining popularity has, in her mind, become one of the greatest achievements she has ever accomplished. Natalie thinks nothing about the fact that she has had to give up her unique identity and constantly lives in fear because of the path she has chosen. She wants to be herself again--she longs for the chance to be free. But the chains of bondage are almost always too strong for those who waver in their decisions. Actions speak louder than words, and as of now, Natalie can't help but give into the sinful desires of her youth and snuff out that God-given desire to shine. 

  Natalie's story of healing, discovery, and transformation begins when her best friend Gracie commits a terrible deed. Upon entering into a complex state of guilt, shame, bitterness, and depression, Natalie is confronted by her bother Ben. His concerns for her well-being, his boldness in telling Natalie to move on, and God's constant tugging on her heart, ultimately brings Natalie to her knees. She realizes how selfish, how unworthy of God's grace, and how thoughtless she has been towards her friends and family. She blames herself still about Gracie, but realizes that if she wishes to make a change and save a life (in Gracie's honor), then she must buck up, and get back in fellowship with the Lord. 

Through her struggle to become herself again, Natalie discovers something about herself that is surprising. Some good had come from her time as a cheerleader; God must have had a reason for putting her there--a lesson for her to learn. Instead of reverting back to the old Natalie (who was shy and introverted), she was a new and improved Natalie, but still much the same. She was bolder, stronger, braver, and happier. She was comfortable in her own skin. She wasn't afraid to be herself. 
And because of Natalie's assurance in herself and her new found reliance on the Lord, Natalie is able to fulfill her pledge to save a life--a life that could have been Gracie's had she been willing to step outside her little bubble and shine her light unto the world. In the end, aside from making her own personal discoveries, Natalie does something she never thought was possible: she became best friends with the school's social outcast and became practically inseparable from her, led her to Christ, and without even knowing it, Natalie saved a life. 

With a new found freedom comes the courage and faith to overcome all obstacles. And with Christ all things are possible, you too might even save a life.

Meet Natalie Steel-A Girl of 2010


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