The Way Home

let me just say this: if you are looking for an action packed Godly movie, then this is for you! If you consider trying to find a lost son action, then there's plenty of that. In fact, it's so suspenseful and the actors (mainly Dean Cain) so good that it makes you want to cry because you can feel their pain.

And when the whole town rallies together in search of this little boy, well, that tends to pull on your heart strings, too. It gives you an inside look at the very fact that through the dimness of this forsaken world, there is still a glimmer of hope and love.

I adored this movie and suggest you go see it NOW! You will love this movie. It reminded me so much of Facing the Giants-with it's Godly message and spiritual content. A must watch for the whole family. :)

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  1. That sounds good! So can you get it from booksneeze or what? I like that website.


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