Update: Grandpa and Cancer

From what I know, Grandpa's chemo and radiation has been put on hold again due to his low white blood cell count. This can be both good and bad news: 1) he's not feeling sick, 2) it may or may not be a good thing when fighting his evasive cancer.

I also know that he will be going in for a Dr. visit some time soon to see if they need to remove his whole bladder or only a part of it. We pray it's a partial removal, but we leave the outcome up to God. He's the ultimate Dr.

Please keep him in your prayers, everyone! He seems to be doing okay, but when we talked with him last on Skype, he was having a difficult time talking about this to us without tearing up. I know this is to be expected from a person who is battling a life or death situation, but I ask that you will join with me to pray for a comforting peace and hedge of protection around him and my Grandma.

If you would like to keep up with his progress, or would like to show your support (I'm sure he'd love followers and people to leave comments) *wink-wink*, he has a blog called A Journey with God and Cancer. He's such an inspiration.

Thank you in advance for all your support and Christian love!


  1. I am praying for your grandfather! Please keep us updated...okay?

    I love your blog. Just thought I should say that. :-)



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