Mansker's Musings (Day 1)

*I am going to start telling you all of my adventures from work. I will do this in a journal entry form from the view point of a colonial teen. My pen name will be Charlotte (just for fun!)*

Dear Journal,

I am a colonial girl living in the wilderness of what is now (figuratively speaking) know as Middle Tennessee. It is September and it has been only my second day here at Mansker's Station. I have taken a job at the Station in order to help my parents. With my Ma, Pa, sister, and brother, I have taken it upon myself to see to it that I help my Pa support the family for the time being until I am married-which I hope will not be for a very long time. Pa says that I should strive to look for a well-to-do business man, but I cannot expect to find such a man, especially when I am of a much lower status than he. I would settle for a nice, hardworking man-someone I know will protect me and provide for me when times are rough. 

Forgive me if I change the subject, but I must tell you about my second day here at the station. My day started out rather shaky because, to say the least, I was nervous. I felt a little like crying, as I was unsure if I was fit to do my job properly or not. (I am a working girl and I am paid to do several tasks throughout the day). Ma says that it is all a part of growing up and that feeling unsure of one's self is only natural. There are times, I admit, that I wish wholeheartedly there was no such thing as 'growing up'. I used to think that it was fun-the idea of being my own person-however, there is quiet simply too much freedom involved in becoming an adult. And honestly, it is scary. 

When these nerves and doubt cloud my mind, my Ma sits me down and talks to me about these feelings that often make my heart shake with confusion, fear and helplessness. She tells me time and again that if I should ever feel this way, I should speak aloud in the name of Jesus Christ, and rebuke the binding lies that Satan would have me believe. On account that I often have these doubts about myself and my abilities, I do have to rebuke Satan more often than I should like. 

While working, I met a nice boy named Danny. He was an intern of some sort and was stationed at my area of particular work to 'observe'. He did make conversation with me. Mainly he talked while I listened, but it was nice to have someone to talk to for a time-makes the time pass my more quickly.He mentioned that, while not every time, he will most likely make an appearance of Thursdays. If so, I shall see for of this fellow.

I did make a trip to the Bowen Home today and visited Miss Laura and Mr. Blake. Mr. Blake was giving a gun demonstration to a group of visitors. He talked for about an hour going over the history of the place and about the Civil War (it will not happen for another 82 years). After that, I took my lunch break and ate some leftover corn, potatoes, and pork that my Ma had graciously packed me the night before. It was filling to a burnt out and hungry soul; it was much appreciated.

I worked for at least another three hours and then made my way home. Working at Mansker's Station has it's pros and cons and it's pleasurable advantages. I greatly welcome the chance to work and help my family. I must keep in mind always that this job will not be forever, and that with the time I will be working for the Station, I must be positive, dependable, and willing to work hard. I also must remain humble and grateful to the Lord for the opportunity he has bestowed upon me. I will not always have to work at such a job, but until I am able to do other things, I will work with a willing heart, mind, and spirit. 

Until Next Time,
Charlotte Ephraim (pen name of Emily Shae)


  1. I love this idea and can't wait to hear more from 'Charlotte!' =)
    God Bless!



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