Mansker's Musings (Day 3)

Dear Journal,

Today I decided to make a large cast iron pot of hardy soup for the folks down at the Station. It was a combination of whatever I had around the house: carrots, cabbage, sausage, onions, peppers, bay leaves, salt, pepper, beef broth-all the ingredients to make a soup that would warm even the coldest of souls.

Being at hot as it was Tuesday, I can hardly believe that I actually slaved over a hot fire for four hours making the soup that only myself and one other ate! It was, however, very good and worth the work. As my Granny always says "Deliciousness never happens without work and the labor of love".  At least my soup made someone happy.

While making my soup, I was practically alone for the course of the six hours I work at the Station. It was rather quiet and lonely, but I had my stitching (I'm working on a new petticoat) and the fire to tend to. In all honesty, this was my first fire. I tend to help my Ma, but never have actually attempted to start one myself. It was an experience, and if I do say so myself, I was rather good at it!

I did meet an old friend. Mrs. Joy stopped by to see me as I finished the weeding in the corn patch behind the Station (I finally finished the weeding, thanks to Miss Laura and in part to Mr. Bill). She had moved from Virginia (my home land) a few years ago to the Cumberland settlements with a group led by Mr. Robertson. (She is the one that wrote to us a while back telling us of the fertile land that Pa could cultivate; and where he could grow his abundance of corn and tobacco. That's why we decided to move to the Cumberland area-now known as Middle Tennessee).  I was completely thrilled to be reunited with her again! She has taken a linking to gardening, and has begun several projects over at the Bowen Plantation not but a mile and a half from Mansker's Station. So, I hope to see more of her in the near future.

The Lord keeps revealing to me His many blessings. Though I didn't see it before, I am starting to understand God's purpose for me working at the Station. I have been reunited with long-lost friends and have, in all hopes, made and will make new ones as time progresses.

'Till next time I venture to write,
Charlotte Ephraim


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