Mansker's Musings (Day 2)


Dear Journal,
I am feeling better about my situation at work. For some time, I did feel rather unsure about working at the Station. It was lonely and very, oh, how should I say this...boring? Only because I was left to my own device to work on whatever I felt needed to be done. I am not sure what to do with such freedom. 

Having the ability to do things that I would consider a normal part of my duty as a girl living with her Ma and Pa, is beyond my grasp of comprehension. I know no other work but that of hands-on labor, or the teaching of children. To be allowed to stitch, read, clean, or garden is a part of my job that I have a hard time considering work, and an even harder time being payed to do such as that!

Saturday (one of the days I work), was destined to be dull and mundane to the umpteenth degree had I not sent word to my Ma to send hither my stitchery, and my beloved sister Cora (note: that's not really my sister's name!). Had I chosen to ignore the fact that I had forgotten my stitching, I probably would have gone mad with the solitude...and absolutely nothing to do. 

I did weed the corn patch beyond the Station a little ways away. I thank God Almighty that there was no need to shoot my Pa's musket. He gave me his musket 'Killdeer' as a form of protection from men and Indians alike that may want to harm me.

When my sister arrived, the day passed more quickly than it would have just by myself. We made an effort to weed the whole corn patch-which we almost accomplished, except there was a storm brewing not too far from where we were stationed. The wind was making it almost impossible to weed without plucking the fresh new stems of corn, so we cleaned up our mess, took it to the compost and headed back inside the Station to get washed up. We ended up eating lunch together in the large block house and had a few moments of fellowship with our dear friends Elizabeth White, and Abigail and Elijah Burns (all of whom have had their names changed for specific reasons). 

The day was long and there were many laughs with my sister there to accompany me. I was grateful Ma had allowed her to come! I also thank God that the day went well, and that He changed my outlook on my situation at work.

Well, I must head to bed. Take care!

Charlotte Ephraim


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