Healing Begins-Tenth Avenue North

I have gone through some painful times. Things have happened that have made my heart ache with pain and regret. Those times are far gone, but the way I felt has stayed with me. Upon hearing Healing Begins by Tenth Avenue North, I was angry at myself and life in general. I was, in a sense, still hurting because I was hanging on to the pain. I hadn't let it go. Nor had I given my grief to God. This song made me realize that the healing begins with God. He heals all wounds, but it's for us to choose whether or not we want Him to bandage our broken hearts. However, when he does, amazing things begin to happen-the light seems to shine a whole lot brighter.


  1. Hey Em! Their songs are really amazing aren't they? Praying for you :)

    Yes, I got your letter! But I'm not sure if you're thinking of the 2nd one, or the 3rd one coming in. I assume you got mine sent out on Monday the 6th. I'll be looking out for it! Have a great start of the week, Emily.
    With love from your pen pal (& blog pal too!),

  2. I have 2 letters from you and I assume you only have one from me. But have no fear! The 2nd one should be on your way :) No matter anyway. I'm enjoying your blog. Talk--er--write to you soon!



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