Fluffy Pancakes? Um, no!

I thought I would let you all know about this certain and most interesting experiment my mom and I have been trying to accomplish this morning. I, for one, love bread. I would probably cease to live if bread was not allowed in my diet. So I have had to search for alternatives to wheat and white flour. And since I cannot have gluten, I have been experimenting with Almond flour. It's pretty good I have to admit.

These fluffy pancakes are, well, not as fluffy or thick and firm as I would like. Which is a major downer since I love that doughy bread texture! I originally found the recipe from Comfy Belly thinking it would be a fantastic addition to my now gluten free recipe collection.

Total flops: 1. Total victories: 0.
I have yet to find the perfect pancake that is what I am used to. Maybe there won't be a prodigal pancake looming in my near future? Still, I will be on the look out!

The pancakes that we tried were, in my opinion, just okay. They needed more body to them-substance, I demand substance-something that will make me feel full! He! He! They turned out so flat and lifeless. Major problem! We didn't do anything wrong with the recipe, it just wasn't going to work out for a bread loving family.


  1. I totally understand! Unfortunately, I do not have a recipe for gluten-free pancakes. But I do have a recipe for the best, big,yummy, pancakes you've ever eaten. My suggestion is that you substitute the white flour for another gluten-free flour you enjoy. :)

    Here is the link:




  2. Hi Emily!

    Be prepared, this might be a pretty long comment. :D Two of my sisters are gluten-free, which has resulted in a lot of trial and error cooking over the years. The best thing, if I remember correctly, to fix the problem with flat, not-fluffy baked goods is to add Xanthan gum (rule of thumb, 1 teaspoon of X-gum to every two cups of gluten free flour). It also helps as a binder, if I remember correctly.
    Some gluten-intolerant people can handle the flour called spelt. If you are able to handle this type of gluten (I believe the molecules are different from those in wheat, although this isn't exactly my area of specialty), then WHITE spelt flour can produce practically the same results as wheat (and you don't need X-gum). Another good, but very dense flour is sorghum. Most of the time, to produce good results, one flour CANNOT stand alone. My mom often uses a mixture of tapioca and potato starch with her rice flour with fabulous results.
    My sisters/mom run a gluten-free site (http://www.glutengobyebye.com/), and I'm sure they'd love to help you out if you wanted to contact them (you can email me at amanda@farmgirlwrites.com, and I'll forward your email to them).

    Sorry for the extra-long comment, but hopefully it'll help you out a bit. Warning, I'm not gluten-intolerant myself, so I'm just recalling what my mom has said. Hopefully all of the info is correct. :)

  3. Pamelas Baking mix makes the best pancakes every! They are pretty close to the wheat pancakes! To sum it all up they are good! You can order some off of Amazon! Hope this was helpful! Did you get my email??


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