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I am in the process of editing/ rewriting my novel The Lost Get Found. It has been a tedious task in a sense, because I find myself wandering in all different directions. I am completely unable to focus at times, which makes it harder on my to complete the task at hand. 

But, the good news is this: I finally put faces to all of my characters! Yay me! Ha! 

I have to say, this has been a pressing feat to overcome. It was hard to find pictures to match the look I was going for with each character. The faces had to not only match the character's personality, but the name too. 

Whew! Now that that's over, I can move along in my editing/ rewriting, oh and adding additional material to the novel! Gees, when will I ever finish? I writers work is never done, I guess!
Now, let me introduce you to my characters. I don't believe you've met them before. If you have, well, you are about to meet my new and improved versions...

Natalie Steel
Natalie Steel is a hard working farm girl whose life currently revolves around being the most popular girl in school. Little does she know or realize just how effective one kind work or a helping hand can be until it is too late. When her best friend Gracie commits suicide, Natalie realizes that her obsession with popularity has destroyed more than just her perception; it has destroyed her friendship and was quickly destroying her family. Natalie is determined to never let this happen again. But she does not look highly on the idea of having to choose between her popularity and doing the right thing. So, when a new girl enters the school and is being treated roughly, Natalie decides to take a stand a risk loosing everything she has worked so hard to achieve.

Joseph Blair

Joseph Blair is the self-proclaimed 'bad boy'. Although he is a smart guy with great looks, Joseph (AKA: Joe) has not always been, as Natalie puts it, a "freaking ray of sunshine". In fact, Joe has been in the Juvenile Correction Facility for the past three years serving for a crime he did not commit. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Instead of passing the blame on to his friend who rightly deserved the punishment, Joe took the heat and willingly served in his friend's stead. Now, Joe comes out with a new view on things. Jail has hardened him. But he tries to still be his old self by putting on an act. He knows this isn't who he is, and Natalie knows to. So when she confronts him about his front, he spills his life story to her. Now, not only does Natalie have one person she's witnessing to, but now she feels that she must help Joe, who is becoming more interested in this whole God thing, understand as well.

Rachel Raymond
She is the new girl at school. The girl everyone makes fun of for being a adopted and for being 'curvy'. She is a Latino mix with an adorable accent. Her life before being adopted wasn't always positive, in fact, it never was. Her mother had become a heroin addict shortly after Rachel's father abandoned them. Rachel had five other siblings from various fathers and had been verbally and sexually abused by them all. She now lives with two amazing Christian parents who love her, but do not know who to reach her. She is distant and cold, angry and scared. She does not believe in God and curses him daily for making her life a miserable wreck. That is, until Natalie steps in and takes Rachel by the hand, showing her the love of Christ through an unshakable friendship. Natalie will not know how much her being there for Rachel meant, until that liberating Graduation Day when Rachel shares her reflects on the past.

David 'Davie' Adams
David is a quirky, 6'3" tech-geek. Unlike the others, David is very religious: a Youth Leader and popular Bass player at his church. He is often overly excited and gets overly stimulated on soda and sugary snacks if he is allowed to eat them. He has a huge crush on Rachel and often dreams of the two of them getting married. He tries not to, though. His main focus is to remain pure, both mind and body, so he tried to avoid Rachel. But that is hard to do considering they have classes together. With this problem, he panics and goes to Natalie for advice. David is also intrigued by Natalie's determination to be the light and salt at their school, so he decided to ask Natalie if he can help, too. Natalie takes a chance and recruits David to help her reach and witness to Joe and Rachel. 

Carly Lambert
A very preppy teen with a sense of fashion and very rich parents. She is very naive and ignorant-almost to the point of stupidity. But do not let her senselessness distract you from her genius. She has plans on becoming a Christian Teen Counselor and excels in math. She loves to knit, which is not expected out of someone who could care less for wearing anything that did not come from a Banana Republic store. She may be materialistic, but in a sense, that is who she is. However, God has plans for Carly and they do not involve Gucci Bags, Pumps, or Versace. Carly encounter what it truly means to be happy and what it is like to truly help someone in need.

Kevin King
A really shy guy who keeps to himself most of the time. He is also new to the school and doesn't know anyone. He is a nervous and anxious fellow who becomes friends with Joseph and David. He is a natural skateboarder who loves to cook. His favorite dish is Sushi. Hanging out with Natalie and the gang helps Kevin to slowly creep out of his shell and become a more outgoing person. He will need to be more outgoing if he is to ever go out with the rambunctious and bubbly, Carly Lambert-the girl he has his heart set on. While hanging out with Natalie and the others, Kevin becomes more and more interested in knowing more about the Maker of the Universe.


  1. How cool! Now when I think of your book, I can put faces to the characters--what a neat idea! :)

    Elizabeth Rose

  2. I love the idea of putting faces to your characters!
    I can't wait to hear more of your book. =D
    God Bless and have a great day!

    Sister in Christ,
    Emily Grace

  3. i enjoyed! and i love that i do. i like to write as well, so i might actually use it sometime :)

    anna :)

  4. I loved reading about all your characters, Em! :) You put it all together very well, I must say. Great job! It sounds like a wonderful book!


  5. and i love that i do? whoops...i don't even know what i was going to say. oh, well(; thanks for following me!

  6. Thanks you all for the comments! I will definitely keep you all up to date on how the book is going. Oh, and I have more character posts to do! Lots of characters to put faces to, ya know? :)

    See you all real soon,


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